Installation, relocation, commissioning of power transformers - NovAcec Services.



Power & Distribution transformers

On Load Tap Changers

Maintenance, inspection, repair of on-load-tap-changers - NovAcec Services.
Installation, relocation, commissioning of power transformers - NovAcec Services.
Installation, relocation, commissioning of power transformers - NovAcec Services.
NovAcec Services oil analysis.

Making full use of our  comprehensive services will enable you to reap a spectrum of tangible benefits.

  • Increase asset reliability

    • Extend the life of your systems and components.
    • Avoid unplanned stops and downtime.
    • Minimize equipment breakdowns.
    • Prolong your transformer’s life expectancy.
    • Optimize your transformer’s performance.

  • Reduce cost

    • Optimize each system and component for maximum profitability.
    • Save costs by reducing your stock of spares.
    • Plan investments more cost-effectively.

  • Increase productivity

    • Ensure maximum energy output.
    • Meet your business goals.
    • Safeguard your investment.

  • Improve safety

    • Comply with environmental, health and safety regulations.
    • Ensure safety of plant and personnel.

  • Minimize environmental impact

    • Reduce environmental emissions.
    • Lower environmental impact in a sustainable way.

Installation, relocation and commissioning

  •  New installation of transformers of all types.
  •  Relocation of existing transformers.
  •  Fast and safe transportation of transformers (crane and jack-and-slide services).
  •  Testing and commissioning by specially qualified technicians.

Maintenance, inspection and repair

On site

  • Accessories replacement (bushings, conservator, cooling systems)
  • Oil treatment, replacement, disposal of waste oil and oil samples
  • Gasket replacement, leak repair
  • Cleaning and painting
  • On- & off-circuit tap changers maintenance, repair, overhaul and replacement
  • Modification or installation of new cable box
  • Replacement of motor drive units
  • Full retrofit of existing transformers allowing life time extension (replacement of bushings, cable box, cooling systems,..)


State of the art dedicated workshop for expertise, maintenance and repairs that can not be performed on site, on transformers and OLTC’s, all brands and types (Shell, Core types / DT, PT transformers):

  • Lifting capacity 175 ton
  • Floor space 3000 m2
  • Voltage testing capabilities
  • Repairs up to 400 kV


Our NovAcec Services SA has a long industrial history in on-load tap changer technology and manufacturing that itinherited from ACEC, a manufacturer of on-load tap changers since 1930.

NovAcec Services SA hosts a team of tap changer specialists, experts on-load tap changers :

  • Overhaul of complete tap changers, all brands
  • End to end revamping: field dismantling, repair and revamping in workshop, on-site re installation
  • Reverse engineering of any type of tap changers
  • Design, manufacturing and sourcing of any tap changer parts and components
  • Field inspection and expertise
  • Urgent corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Supply of spare parts

Life time extention

Some examples….

  • OLTC’s of the RFR4 type were showing repeating faults which needed new design spares to extend their life time.
  • Retrofit of 400 kV transformers (active part inspection and retightening, new HV/MV/LV bushings and cooling system, new cables, new gaskets,…).
  • ….


Brand new equipment –  State-of the-art techniques – 30 years experienced engineers  – Full service from sampling to evaluation and advice.

Type of analysis:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  • Specific resistance
  • Acidity
  • Moisture content
  • Color

Drying of transformers

NovAcec Services SA is the exclusive distributor for ARS Altmann equipment in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Ireland.

  • Offering several machines and principles to tackle moisture in your transformer
  • Transformer can remain in service
  • Ensuring a good drying of the insulation
  • Sale and rental of equipment


NovAcec Services SA also provides training courses for customers. This training can help you to carry out small interventions on your own.



Range: up to 5 MVA – High Voltage 36 kV

Standards and specifications – Parameters – Basic transformer components – Transformer devices – Operating costs – Electrical testing –  Special versions



Range: up to 30 MVA – High Voltage 170 kV

The “active part” of the transformer – Oil analyses – Electrical tests – On Load Tap Changers – Transformer accessories and protection devices – Transformer monitoring – Maintenance of transformers and spare parts



Range: up to 750 MVA – High Voltage 400 kV

The “active part” of the transformer – “Shell” and “Core” type comparison – Oil analyses – Electrical tests – On Load Tap Changers – Transformer accessories and protection devices – Transformer monitoring – Maintenance of transformers and spare parts



Bushings – Thermostats, thermometers and winding temperature indicators – Oil levels – Buchholz relay – Pressure relief valves – Current transformers – Fans and pumps – On Load tap Changers – Motor drive units



NovAcec Services SA stocks a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts for all types of T&D  equipment at various strategic locations worldwide. We can be provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Thanks to this large inventory of spare parts, repairs can be carried out quickly with minimal disruption to operations.

We also offer a service to customers for the creation and management of critical spare parts lists.